Bark Busters trains your dog in your home. This is where most of a dog’s behavioral issues occur and is also where your dog is most comfortable. In his home environment your dog can focus and respond better to training.

Robin R.

Don't walk, run to work with Bark Busters. Please read my review if you relate to any crate-anxiety issues. Here's my story: I have a puppy GSD who's shockingly lazy, but his shepherdation […]

Robin R. | Leander
Justin D.

"Amazing results!! I can’t believe the transformation in my sweet boy, Wrangler! I have an Australian Shepherd who was very reactive, aggressive and really scared of people. Anthony and his team […]

Justin D. | Austin
Dr Lisa D.

As a veterinarian I could not be more impressed with dog trainers Anthony and Jessica of Bark Busters West Austin .My dogs have responded incredibly well to their clear, simple , concise and easy to […]

Dr Lisa D. | Austin
Alec A.

Very happy with the outcome of this training. Bark Busters approach is very unique and simple and has given us a way of communicating to our dog that she actually understands. Since our first two […]

Alec A. | Dripping Springs

My husband and I were blown away by the instant results from our training session with Jessica! We couldn’t be happier with our experience. Jessica was a delight to work with and she guided us very […]

Jeanie | Leander
Patrick R.

After our first visit with Anthony we have learned some new methods with our dog. Some which I believe will be of excellent use if we continue to follow through with them. We are excited to have […]

Patrick R. | Austin
Zachary G.

Within a couple weeks, already made incredible progress with my dog and everyone around me has been noticing too! […]

Zachary G. | Austin
Victor O.

Lori is an awesome trainer that is super cool and fun to work with and also gets results. We were having an impossible time of integrating our new puppy with our older dog, and within about two […]

Victor O. | Westlake Hills, Travis
Jeanne L.

We’ve loved working with Lori at Bark Busters over the years. I’ve learned the importance of being a wolf pack leader and the skills to match. We tried a few different trainers before her but her […]

Jeanne L. | Spicewood, Travis
Marie G.

We knew we were inviting chaos when we went from one dog (Manu) to three dogs. Our rescue pup, Pepper, had some bad habits after life on the streets. We knew we had a lot of trauma to unpack with […]

Marie G. | Austin, Travis
Alejandro D.

I have a 7 month old Pitbull who is friendly but super energetic. I got to a point where I worried he wouldn’t be able to be trained properly. I’m grateful Lori was able to work with us. She […]

Alejandro D. | Austin, Travis
Jeanne L.

We’ve loved working with Lori at Bark Busters over the years. I’ve learned the importance of being a wolf pack leader and the skills to match. We tried a few different trainers before her but her […]

Jeanne L. | Leander, Travis
Alejandro Del V.

We’ll share more results as the weeks unfold, but I can report we saw results within five minutes! I’m dead serious. That’s all it took for the new homo sapien pack leaders to emerge. The very […]

Alejandro Del V. | Driftwood, Hays
Alejandro Del V.

I have a 7-month old Pitbull that's super friendly but very energetic. I was concerned he wouldn't be capable of learning but after only 2 hours with Lori, my roommates and I were impressed with the […]

Alejandro Del V. | Austin, Travis
Carol H.

Lori is an amazing trainer. We saw immediate results after our first lesson. Our dogs stopped their constant barking and no longer pull when we walk. We are all much happier! […]

Carol H. | Austin
Chelsea C.

A few short weeks ago, our 4 dogs (yes 4, it’s a long story) were completely out of control. I couldn’t walk in my front door without being jumped on and scratched from ankle to hip. They barked […]

Chelsea C. | Austin, Travis
Grace B.

I cannot say enough about Lori and Bark Busters! My 8 yr old mini-schnauzer George is a new “man”. George’s issues: he always been very insecure, which turned into being VERY reactionary with […]

Grace B. | Austin, Travis
Sana Q.

Lori with Bark Busters changed our life with helping us be better dog owners! Our love-able Mishka, came to us with some separation anxiety, poor leash skills, and aggressive/protective tendencies […]

Sana Q. | Austin, Travis
Noelle S.

Lori is amazing! I got my first rescue dog & he had major anxiety and was so scared of men. It was obvious he had been abused, I had never owned a dog like that. He was so sweet to me & my daughter, […]

Noelle S. | Manchaca, Travis
Ciara E.

Lori was absolutely AMAZING. I have 2 dogs that were fighting multiple times a day that resulted in me getting severely injured. I had tried everything and she was my last hope. I was petrified I […]

Ciara E. | Austin, Travis
Taylor W.

We started working with Lori about one month ago and have already seen incredible changes in our dog, Eddie! He is a 6 year old chihuahua mix with separation anxiety issues and aggression towards new […]

Taylor W. | Austin
Kelsey K.

I have a 1 1/2 year-old Chiweenie and Lori and the Bark Busters program have been a lifesaver! I adopted our dog from a North Texas shelter when he was only 6 months old, knowing that he had some mild […]

Kelsey K. | Cedar Park, Williamson
Marilyn J.

My 4 lb Chihuahua puppy was the meanest dog I had ever owned. She would growl and bite anyone who came near her or me and that’s including family members. She would start fights and even injure […]

Marilyn J. | Austin, Travis
Jennifer S.

Such an eye opening experience!!!!! My dog Blanca was very reactive when she saw other dogs and people. Barking, lunging, growling, crying. It was a huge discouraging and embarrassing display that […]

Jennifer S. | Austin
Kate W.

Lori’s training was unbelievably awesome! She explained the theory behind her approach really well and helped us apply skills that showed immediate behavior changes in my dog, Parsley. I thought […]

Kate W. | Austin, Travis
Deborah C.

I am thrilled with the results we see in Sadie! Yesterday Sadie and Cynthia walked WITHOUT pulling. Unbelievable! W'eve put her on the raw diet and she loves it. Thank you for your guidance on that, […]

Deborah C. | Austin, Travis
Denise B.

Lori is awesome. I was totally amazed at how quickly she helped me to change the behavior of Sasha. […]

Denise B. | Spicewood, Travis
Morgan G.

Lori is absolutely amazing! She has been very professional yet personable at all of our sessions and gives great instruction. Her presence and command over Ellie is apparent and it's very refreshing […]

Morgan G. | Austin
Travis R.

After one three hour lesson and meaningful guidance for the humans, our dogs have been very responsive to the training and voice commands. No more pulling on walks, no more charging the door when […]

Travis R. | Lakeway
Lori L.

Lori just came yesterday to work with our dog, Ruby and we are already seeing great improvement! Ruby waits for us to go all the way downstairs until we tell her to come down, she hasn’t been […]

Lori L. | Lago Vista
Naomi G.

Lori is amazing at teaching humans to speak and listen to dog. Baylee responded quickly to her and then to me. Thank you Lori […]

Naomi G. | Point Venture
Brian S.

Bark Busters guarantee is real. My first review is posted from a year ago. We had to call Lori back because Sunny was barking at our sliding gate and barking and jumping on people at the door. Lori […]

Brian S. | Austin
Janelle B.

I was so excited to meet Lori! She far exceeded my expectations and was even able to move our appointment up almost a month from the original date, which meant my significant other could join us as he […]

Janelle B. | Austin
Julie S.

Excellent first session. It produced immediate and so far -- lasting -- results. […]

Julie S. | Austin
Stephen R.

Excellent session, Lori took her time, explained the process thoroughly and easily. I was amazed how quickly my dog responded. […]

Stephen R. | Buda
Shana L.

Lori was amazing! I loved the non physical and non treat based lesson for my dogs. She trained ME to take control with just my voice and my dogs were transformed within a couple of hours. I am in […]

Shana L. | Austin
Alexis T.

Lori is such a great trainer and we are already noticing improvements with our boy! Since he's 5 years old and "set in his ways" he is going to be a bit more of a challenge but we are so happy to […]

Alexis T. | Kyle
Akosua M.

Working with Lori was such a pleasure! She is clearly on top of her game as a dog trainer. You can see instantly that she loves dogs and wants the best for the dog and the owner. It was very exciting […]

Akosua M. | Austin
Audrey R.

Amazing. I love this method. I would never have believed the results could happen so quickly. It is really effective for my dog, Josie Lou. She responds immediately to this training! I'm thrilled and […]

Audrey R. | Austin
Carla P.

Lori was amazing! This program is amazing! After one session, I saw a difference in how my dogs responded to me. Most importantly, I wanted them to stay away from the front door when people came and […]

Carla P. | Austin
Clare S.

Lori is GREAT ! The BAH is working great. […]

Clare S. | Austin
Lacey B.

We just finished our second lesson with Lori. Fynn is my hyperactive, 5 year old chocolate lab PUPPY. He's a unique one to say the least. Although I was very hopeful training would work, I wasn't very […]

Lacey B. | Austin
Paul N.

Very helpful first lesson! Many basics that we didn't know about, and our puppy has responded very quickly. Lori was extremely informative and demonstrated techniques very effectively. […]

Paul N. | Austin
Billie B.

My training was only 4 days ago and I cannot believe the difference in my dogs. I say "my" training because I was the one that really needed most of the training! The first day after the training I […]

Billie B. | Leander
Michael H.

Lori is fantastic. She and Bark Busters have the right approach in training our puppy. Within 2 hours she had our pup responding to voice and hand commands (which was quite surprising to us). We […]

Michael H. | Cedar Park
Michael H.

Lori is fantastic. She and Bark Busters have the right approach in training our puppy. Within 2 hours she had our pup responding to voice and hand commands (which was quite surprising to us). We […]

Michael H. | Cedar Park
Emily A.

Lori, and this program are both amazing! What she teaches you makes total sense, yet we did not think of it. We noticed a difference in the puppies right after she left. It is a lot of work on our […]

Emily A. | Austin
Liz W.

Wow --immediate results! Lori is great and the Bark Busters system works. We wanted our dogs to learn not to jump up on people and walk better on leash. They are doing very well in both areas. […]

Liz W. | Austin
Kristin D.

We completed our first training session last Friday and immediately saw results! I was confident that our dog, Marley, would respond well to training, but not this well! We used to have to worry about […]

Kristin D. | Austin
Jenny K.

Our family had a great experience with Bark Busters. Lori was very knowledgeable and helpful. I had been looking into dog training for awhile and I loved the fact that Lori could come to our home […]

Jenny K. | Spicewood
Jonathan F.

Lori was AMAZING! Incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and professional. Sophie loved her and we apprecaite all her insight and time with us! […]

Jonathan F. | Austin
Bonnie D.

Lori is amazing!! I was a little skeptical but after 2.5 hours I have a different dog. She is very knowledgeable and skilled at training and the barkbusters program could not be easier. As a working […]

Bonnie D. | Austin
Kate W.

My dogs & I met with Lori for the first time yesterday, and she was amazing! She was extremely kind & professional, and my dogs responded immediately to the training techniques she taught us, and she […]

Kate W. | Austin
Alex W.

It was amazing! Chaplin is like a new dog. She is still responding beautifully. […]

Alex W. | Austin
Ron B.

This training was very effective. After one session, our 11 week old golden is much more respectful. She still has to be corrected here and there, but there was a dramatic difference. She has not peed […]

Ron B. | Austin
Wendy D.

I am overjoyed and amazed at how quickly both I and Beau learned the Barkbuster methods. Tonight I ate my first meal sitting down in peace without a dog's nose in my plate or incessant licking on my […]

Wendy D. | AUSTIN
Chris L.

Amazing turnaround from the first exercise and demonstration of leadership. Great insight into dog behavior and communication. Friendly training and so much fun! We are very pleased and signed up for […]

Chris L. | Austin
Eva H.

Lori is amazing! I rescued Skye a mini Dachshund about 5 weeks ago. The rescue said she was picked up as a stray and she acted very skittish to the point I was afraid to correct her because I didn't […]

Eva H. | Austin
Brian S.

Lori is fantastic. I spent a ton of time researching dog training and where to go and who to use. Like everyone else, the internet seems to be our primary tool, but ultimately I decided to dig […]

Brian S. | Austin
Kate C.

Lori speaks dog! She has been hugely helpful with my sweet, stubborn pup Mickey. When we brought Mickey home from the shelter he would bark constantly when left alone. We were getting complaints from […]

Kate C. | Austin
Holly W.

Lori is THE BEST! Seriously. My 1 year old rescue dog, Rain, could not stand me even being out of SIGHT let alone apart from her. When I started to try to leave her in a kennel with my new job, she […]

Holly W. | Austin
Alexis S.

I don't know what I would have done without Lori! She helped my puppy grow into an awesome, well-behaved dog. She helped me understand and communicate with my my puppy. It was so convenient to have […]

Alexis S. | Austin
Monica G.

I have tried different training methods before and none of them have been effective. I am genuinely impressed that without treats this method works so well! Lori Carr met all my expectations and I […]

Monica G. | Austin
Alicia B.

We have 2 crazy hounds who responded to Lori and her methods on the very first visit! Our 55lb Coonhound is a rescue who was trained to hunt only for the first year of her life (we've now had her […]

Alicia B. | Austin
Cindy C.

Lori is wonderful! Lori loves dogs and has their best interest at heart, as she works with each families individual needs! I love the way she trains without using treats, and it works! She has […]

Cindy C. | Lakeway
Susie F.

We have had only one session with Lori, and it was amazing how much we accomplished! I have 2 nine year old shih tzu's , and I was afraid they were too old, and set in their ways to get good […]

Susie F. | Austin
Emily P.

I had a great experience with Lori and Bark Busters, my puppy was not potty trained at 6 months and within the first 2 weeks my puppy is almost potty trained. […]

Emily P. | Austin
Shay O.

Great experience and immediate results. Lori helped us re-establish the pecking order of the pack! […]

Shay O. | Austin
Lori R.

Lori is amazing!!!! After one session my 18 month old rescue puppy was completely trained ! I have raised 10 dogs , worked at Austin Pets Alive, and taught yoga to dogs. In all my experiences I have […]

Lori R. | Austin
Amber W.

I loved my experience with Lori. After the first session, I had more control over my dog. The training is gentle and kind. I'm very happy I called Bark Busters. […]

Amber W. | Austin
Cathay M.

Lori has become a great addition to our family with our new babies. She is knowledgeable and a delight to be around. […]

Cathay M. | Spicewood
Jean G.

Lori is incredible! In only a few minutes she had Nessie under her spell (control). Her method is unbelievable and so effective. I would encourage anyone who has a dog with any degree of behavior […]

Jean G. | Spicewood
Hilary F.

Lori is amazing! After the first visit I could see big changes in Otis. Once Lori goes over the Bark Busters training method it immediately make sense. Otis and I are both a work in progress, Lori is […]

Hilary F. | Austin
Leslie M.

Excellent! Effective! Lori is just plain wonderful! She was just great with Gus! Bark Busters is the best dog training method I have ever used. […]

Leslie M. | Lakeway
Amy C.

Lori was AMAZING today - spot on with assessment, how to handle and 'treat' then FIX(!) the issues. She's also a delight to be around... 5-stars FOR SURE! […]

Amy C. | Austin
Marty M.

Lori has exceptional knowledge about dog training. She is patient with the dogs and also with the dog owners. She has a pleasant and friendly way of teaching. The dogs' response to the training […]

Marty M. | Spicewood
Rocky N.

Lori was fantastic. I saw a huge improvment in Romeo's behavior and jumping within hours. Lori is a "10!" We love the Bark Buster Red Game Changer reward toy too! […]

Rocky N. | Spicewood
Regina G.

Lori Carr was amazing. In just one visit she changed most of my dogs bad habits. The hardest for me was walking my 120 pound lab. He walked me and when he wanted to go after something he was gone. […]

Regina G. | Spicewood
Kristen M.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to work with Lori and learn how to effectively communicate with our puppy, Oscar. It's only been a few days, but by practicing the super simple methods she taught […]

Kristen M. | Spicewood